Creating Time for Your Non-Academic Pursuits

If you are like me, you have activities and projects outside of your academic work that are important to you. For me it is music, but yours could be writing, running, or any number of other non-academic pursuits you are passionate about. We all know how busy and stressful academic commitments can get during the semester. No matter what your extracurricular activity is, it is important that you find to time to keep up with it, even in graduate school. Here are some ideas on how to still prioritize your personal projects while balancing schoolwork. 

Timeline After Committing to HDS

Congratulations! You’ve made the wonderful decision to join the HDS community this Fall. This is an exciting step towards reaching your academic and personal goals. As you begin to prepare for this transition to graduate study, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Where Will I Live? An Overview of On and Off Campus Housing Options

Whether you have recently been admitted to HDS or you are considering applying, we know you may have questions about where you will live while completing your degree program. For students who are not already in the Boston or Cambridge area, looking at housing options can be particularly confusing and stressful. We hope this post provides more clarity on the various housing options that HDS students can choose from. While the ongoing pandemic has left us with some unanswered questions about what exactly fall term will look like, we advise students to plan to be on campus in the fall. 

J-Term Course: Comparative Monasticisms

HDS students have the option to take J-term courses, which are usually 2-credit courses held over winter break. In this post, MDiv student, Jessica Young Chang, shares her experience taking Kerry Maloney’s Comparative Monasticisms J-term course virtually this past January.  

Reflections on What HDS Has Taught Me

We know hearing from current students is one of the best ways to learn about what HDS has to offer. For this post, we asked one of our graduating students to reflect on her time at HDS and what lessons she’ll take with her as she moves on to the next step in life.  

Narrowing Down Your Grad School Options

Narrowing down your options can be nerve-wracking especially when you are choosing between multiple programs that will help you meet your personal and career goals. Here is some advice on how you can go about narrowing down and comparing your options.  

Managing Finances at HDS: What to Expect and How to Save

There are several ways to reduce expenses in graduate school. One way is looking for cheaper housing options. Less expensive housing usually comes with the caveat of a longer commute so ask yourself how important it is for you to be close to campus. Another option is living with roommates. The more roommates one has, usually means cheaper housing costs. If you are someone who enjoys sharing spaces with others this can be a good option.  

Harvard Wide Opportunities

At Harvard Divinity School, our students can utilize resources across Harvard University. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the facilities, opportunities, and experiences that our students can access beyond HDS.

Exploring Death, Music, and Spirituality in Field Education: An experiment in collaboration and virtual creativity

HDS students have the opportunity to participate in field education, a structured learning experience that combines theory with practice. Students in the MDiv program are required to complete 2 units of field education, however it is optional for MTS students. Due to the pandemic, field education placements were shifted to virtual platforms, as were classes, in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. In this post, Julia Reimann MDiv’22, shares her experience thus far completing her field education requirement virtually.

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