HDS Take Aways From A Graduating Student

In this post, recently graduated MTS student and 2021-2023 Admissions Graduate Assistant Maggie Helmick reflects on her last two years at HDS prior to walking across the Commencement stage. HDS 2023 Commencement exercises took place May 24-25th, and this post was written prior to that date.

Embracing Individuality in Community

Charles Taylor reflects on his journey from attending DivEx to completing his final semester at HDS. Charles addresses his preconceived notions about what Buddhist studies might be like at HDS, his experiences of intellectual growth in the classroom, and his favorite places to find quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of all Harvard has to offer.

Managing Your HDS Workload  

Now in her final semester at HDS, second-year MTS and Admissions Graduate Assistant, Maggie Helmick, reflects on how she's learned to manage her schedule as a full-time student with work, family, and social obligations.

If I Could Tell Her Anything 

First-year MTS student, Trinidad Lara, speaks directly to her "pre-HDS self" in this post, addressing her initial financial concerns and assuring her former self that she'll find community and academic fulfillment while here at HDS.

What Is Community at HDS Like?

First-year student and HDS Admissions Graduate Assistant, Nicole Collins, reflects on her experiences balancing social life with academics, navigating campus culture, and building community in and outside of HDS.

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