Scared of the HDS Admissions Interview? Don’t be!

Three HDS Admissions Graduate Assistants reflect on their experiences this time last year, as they interviewed for admission to Harvard Divinity School. They share their apprehensions prior to interviewing, what the process of looked like in reality, and their best tips for how did to prepare.

How I Choose My HDS Classes 

HDS Admissions Graduate Assistant Maggie Helmick shares four semesters of wisdom in selecting classes. Maggie discusses her step-by-step approach to searching the course catalog, fulfilling MTS degree requirements, registering for classes outside of HDS.

The International Student Guide to Student Employment 

HDS Admissions Graduate Assistant Samirah Jaigirdar is an international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In this post, Samirah shares her experiences searching for employment opportunities in the United States, and she draws from the wisdom of other current HDS international students to provide helpful tips and tricks for applying to jobs.

Navigating Culture Shocks as an International Student

In this post, HDS Admissions Graduate Assistant, Samirah Jaigirdar shares her experiences navigating cultural differences between the places she's lived in the United States, eSwatini, and Bangladesh. Samirah also gives advice to international students who might be navigating a similar position.

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