Student Employment at HDS

Whether you have recently been admitted, just submitted your application, or are at the beginning of your graduate school search process, you may have questions about student employment at HDS. In this article, we hope to provide some insight into the student employment opportunities, including tips from our graduate assistants who share their personal experiences on the job-searching process.  

Applied Research Institute Jerusalem – A Convergence Between Environmental Justice, Writing, and Research

Kaitlin Wheeler graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 2021 with a master's of theological studies. She is currently working in San Diego installing public art in her hometown community while searching for an environmental writing and activism job. In this blog post, she reflects on her internship with Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem which she pursued following her J-term course, Learning in Context: Narratives of Displacement in Israel and the West Bank. She describes how her coursework at HDS gave her the theoretical frameworks – and research skills – to excel at ARIJ.

Breaking Down Habits of Self-Censorship

Win is a second-year MTS student focusing on Buddhist Studies. He is originally from Myanmar and a first-generation college student in the United States. In this post he reflects on his journey to graduate study at HDS – from shaking off the effects of the censorship of the education system in Myanmar to finding a home in the Buddhist community here and paying forward the encouragement he received when applying to graduate school.  

Introducing the HDS Admissions Interview!  

This year, for the first time, a 15-minute virtual interview will be required for admission to our four graduate degree programs (MDiv, MTS, MRPL, and ThM). This blog post answers some frequently asked questions about the interview and shares some helpful interview tips and best practices.  

Finding a Piece of Home in a Year of Bliss  

Souman Elah is a second-year MTS student at HDS focusing on Islamic Studies. In this article he reflects on his first year at HDS, from finding a home in the Muslim community to studying classical and modern Islam to having late-night chats in his kitchen with his roommates. Towards the end of the article, he also shares some helpful advice for other international students considering applying to HDS. 

Halfway There and Reflecting on a Prayer

Jo Venditelli is a second-year MDiv student at HDS studying political, queer, and disability philosophy. In this article they reflect on the community and support they've found at HDS. They share their journey to HDS, from DivEX to a year of virtual-learning to setting foot on campus this fall.

Master of Religion and Public Life: Project Proposal

This article describes the MRPL Project Proposal. The Project Proposal is a core component of the MRPL application, detailing your proposed final project. Degree Candidates will spend their year at HDS working towards their final project which will engage topics of religion in their professional field.

Interview with Margaret Okada-Scheck, Associate Director of Admissions

Meet Margaret, the HDS Associate Director of Admissions! Margaret has a wide range of responsibilities in the office, including leading the planning for our Diversity and Explorations Program, an opportunity for current undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds to learn more about the programs offered at HDS. Below you can read about Margaret’s dedication to supporting students, her professional experiences and about her dog, Bingo!

How to Apply Series

Hi everyone! If you’re planning to apply for the 2022-2023 school year, we hope this blog has been helpful in getting you ready for the January deadline. In 2018, our Graduate Assistants created a wonderful blog post series called “How to Apply” that walks prospective students through each aspect of the application process. In October 2021, we went back and updated the articles to reflect this year’s requirements. Here you can find the articles in our "How to Apply" Series.

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