Studying Religion for the First Time

Given the many paths that lead students to HDS, it is not uncommon for some of them to come without any experience studying religion in an academic environment. This blogpost will give prospective students an understanding of what it means to study religion for the first time.

My DivEx Experience

At HDS Admissions, we are excited to launch the application for this year's Diversity Explorations program! In this blogpost, I will share some of the takeaways from my DivEx experience in the hopes that it will encourage curious students to learn more about and apply to be a part of this wonderful community. 

Transitioning from Undergraduate to Graduate School

We, at HDS Admissions, receive a lot of questions from prospective and incoming students about the transition from undergraduate to graduate-level studies. Students often feel an understandable sense of uncertainty and even anxiety about the new environment and expectations they will be faced with. This blogpost will attempt to allay those concerns while giving students things to think about as they begin their journey to becoming a graduate student. 

Arts At HDS

For many HDS students, art is a prominent feature of their exploration of the study of religion and ministry. Whether it's catching a lecture by a favorite artist, performing for fellow HDS community members, or keeping up with the latest from HDS’s literary publications, there are opportunities to weave creativity into the Divinity School experience at every corner. 

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