How I Choose My HDS Classes 

HDS Admissions Graduate Assistant Maggie Helmick shares four semesters of wisdom in selecting classes. Maggie discusses her step-by-step approach to searching the course catalog, fulfilling MTS degree requirements, registering for classes outside of HDS.

What is Cross-Registration? 

Whether you have recently committed to HDS or are at the beginning stages of your grad school search process, you may be wondering about the cross-registration opportunities available to HDS students across Harvard and at other schools in the Boston-area. In this article, we discuss the benefits of cross-registration and the opportunities available to HDS students. Our Graduate Assistant, Colin, a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) who cross-registered for a course at MIT, also shares some cross-registration tips based on his experience.  

Studying Religion for the First Time

Given the many paths that lead students to HDS, it is not uncommon for some of them to come without any experience studying religion in an academic environment. This blogpost will give prospective students an understanding of what it means to study religion for the first time.

Transitioning from Undergraduate to Graduate School

We, at HDS Admissions, receive a lot of questions from prospective and incoming students about the transition from undergraduate to graduate-level studies. Students often feel an understandable sense of uncertainty and even anxiety about the new environment and expectations they will be faced with. This blogpost will attempt to allay those concerns while giving students things to think about as they begin their journey to becoming a graduate student. 

J-Term Course: Comparative Monasticisms

HDS students have the option to take J-term courses, which are usually 2-credit courses held over winter break. In this post, MDiv student, Jessica Young Chang, shares her experience taking Kerry Maloney’s Comparative Monasticisms J-term course virtually this past January.  

Harvard Wide Opportunities

At Harvard Divinity School, our students can utilize resources across Harvard University. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the facilities, opportunities, and experiences that our students can access beyond HDS.

Exploring Death, Music, and Spirituality in Field Education: An experiment in collaboration and virtual creativity

HDS students have the opportunity to participate in field education, a structured learning experience that combines theory with practice. Students in the MDiv program are required to complete 2 units of field education, however it is optional for MTS students. Due to the pandemic, field education placements were shifted to virtual platforms, as were classes, in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. In this post, Julia Reimann MDiv’22, shares her experience thus far completing her field education requirement virtually.

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