Harvard Wide Opportunities

Editor’s Note: At Harvard Divinity School, our students can utilize resources across Harvard University. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the facilities, opportunities, and experiences that our students can access beyond HDS.  

Detail shot of the HDS shield on campus signage.

As a Harvard student you have access to Harvard’s impressive and one of kind library system which includes over 73 libraries and over 20 million volumes. You will also have access to Harvard’s incredible archives, including collections on women’s history at the Schlesinger Library and the collection of rare books and manuscripts in the Houghton Library. Whether you study religion at the intersection of law, politics, education, medicine, or more, Harvard probably has a library with books tailored to your area of study.  

Take Courses Across the University 
At HDS you’ll find that our students, even students in the same program, have very different class schedules because of the vast course options available. As an HDS student you can take classes at other Harvard graduate schools as well as at schools who are part of the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium which includes 8 other schools.  It’s so easy to cross-register in courses at other Harvard schools that you don’t even need special approval from your advisor—you just simply enroll! You can check out some of the course offerings here.  

Harvard Innovation lab 
Students across Harvard can access resources offered by the Harvard Innovation Lab. The innovation lab offers support to students interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. It is made up of 3 distinct labs that can support any stage of your entrepreneurial journey. Through this resource students can attend workshops, meet one on one with advisors, and learn more about projects that their peers are working on. The I-lab also offers a Venture Program, which provides expert guidance to students with new ideas that are ready to be introduced to the world or who are looking to expand an existing project.  

As a Harvard student, you’ll be able to attend lectures across the University, whether they’re sponsored by the Radcliffe Institute,  Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation , or another Harvard office. This gives you the opportunity to meet, listen to, and interact with some of the world’s top scholars, educators and leaders.  

Research & Funding Opportunities 
Being a student at Harvard gives you access to many funding opportunities through departments specific to your research interests. There are numerous research fellowships and grants that students can apply to support their research interests. The vast financial resources available truly makes being a student at Harvard an incredible experience.  

Harvard-Wide Student Organizations 
At HDS there are over 30 student organizations that host countless events, lectures, and meetings throughout the year. Whatever your academic and non academic interests are, you’ll probably find a community of students who share those interests. Many of these organizations fall under larger Harvard  umbrella organizations which gives you opportunities to connect with students across all of the Harvard schools. 

If you have a love for museums, then you’re in luck! In addition to the 14 Harvard museums on campus, having a Harvard ID gives you free or reduced admittance to the many museums in Boston, such as the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. This gives you plenty of places to visit during your weekends exploring Boston and Cambridge.  

Beyond Harvard 
There is also lots to see and do outside of the Boston. For example, New Hampshire’s White Mountains are just 2 hours away and have incredible hiking opportunities. Or you can go from being in the city to being on the Appalachian Trail in a short-day drive. While your academic life will keep you pretty busy, when time allows, we encourage you to explore what Boston and other parts of the east coast have to offer.  

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