Favorite Classes at HDS: Part 2

Editor’s Note: This post is the final post of our two-part series highlighting some of the wonderful courses that HDS has to offer. Be sure to take a look at part one of the Favorite Classes at HDS series. If you are interested in exploring more of the course offerings at HDS, please note that the course catalog is public! You can check it out here.  

Alex Jensen MDiv’21 He/Him/His 

I would say, for me, Field Education is some of the most enriching coursework I’ve done at HDS each year of my program. Even though it’s a broader class and so site-specific, I would say it’s helpful in integrating thoughts and ideas from other classes into ministry and service in ways I might not otherwise see. 

Jessica Young Chang MDiv’22 She/Her/Hers 

Theories and Methods of the Study of Religion, surprisingly! While it’s an incredibly challenging class, David Holland and the graduate teacher fellows are accessible, thoughtful, and responsive. Also, the content and theory in the class continue to reflect into other work I’m doing in ways that are consistently useful and surprising. It took a lot of effort, but I’m so glad that I took it. 

Kaitlin Wheeler MTS’21 She/Her/Hers 

The best class I’ve taken at HDS was the J-Term Learning in Context: Narratives of Displacement and Belonging in Israel and the West Bank. In this class, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the region and learn from activists, artists, politicians, and other locals about the dynamics of Israel and Palestine. It was an eye-opening experience, as I could engage my classroom work in the real world. (Editor’s Note: You can read more about Kaitlin’s J-Term experience here.) 

Lóre Stevens MDiv ’22 She/Her/Hers 

Intro to Ministry Studies! It had a diverse array of approaches to “ministry” and I particularly loved the sections, in which we got to not only hear what a smaller group of our classmates think about these amazing topics, but workshop projects together and see the works each person is passionate about! 

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