HDS Admissions Application Now Available

HDS Application Season has officially begun and the application for entrance in Fall 2021 is open! For those of you who have decided to or are considering applying to HDS, we know this can be both an exciting and stressful time. In this post, we will highlight some key information as well as a few tips to make the process run smoother.  

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If you are considering applying this year, we encourage you to start early! During the process, you’ll find that some parts of the application are out of your control, such as your transcripts or letters of recommendation. Allowing yourself ample time to complete the parts you do have control over will make the process less stressful. Be sure to check out our Suggested Application Timeline blog postand our How To Apply Series that explains each application requirement in greater detail.  

You can expect that the Admissions Committee will look at your application holistically. As you begin working on your application, think about your materials as a whole. Find ways to show us your academic strengths, interests, and why HDS might be a good fit for you. Is there something about you that you’d like to highlight? Is there something crucial you want us to know? If so, make sure those details are included in your materials.  

Applying for graduate school can be tiring and time consuming, especially if you are working or a student. Be sure to reach out to friends, family members, or mentors to let them know that you have decided to apply. The team you build can help read through materials and be a much-needed source of support.  

Finally, many students don’t realize that the Admissions Office is a resource throughout the application process, not just once the application has been submitted. We encourage you to reach out to ask_students@hds.harvard.edu and admissions@hds.harvard.edu with any questions or concerns. Throughout the application season, we will also host virtual events where you can connect with current students and the Admissions staff. You can check out the schedule here

Have a great application season! 

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