Q&A with the Office of Career Services

Editor’s Note: One of the advantages of going to HDS is the ability to access the resources and guidance of our Office of Career Services! Please enjoy this Q&A with Laurie Sedgwick, Coordinator at the Office of Career Services. 

Post by: Laurie Sedgwick, MDiv ‘22 and Coordinator at the Office of Career Services

We are excited that you’re thinking about Harvard Divinity School! The Office of Career Services is committed to helping HDS students along their career journey. We hope this Q&A format addresses some of the questions you might have as a prospective student considering attending HDS.   

What is the value of a degree from HDS? Can you provide some examples of career paths of graduates? 

The HDS degree equips you with a range of skills beyond the academic curriculum that can benefit you for many career paths. Some of these skills include a facility with engaging in a pluralistic environment, multi-disciplinary thinking, analytical skills grounded in theory, competence in written and oral communication, and language proficiency.  

As far as career paths go, HDS graduates find meaningful work in a variety of career fields, from ministry (across religious faiths), to work in non-profit, education, law, public policy, the arts, writing careers, and many go on to pursue a PhD or other advanced degree field.   

Photo courtesy of TONY RINALDO, HDS Office of Communications 

Can we help you craft your CV, Resume and cover letter? 

Yes! We have “Tip Sheets”, sample resumes, programming, and one-on-one critiques to help with your career related business correspondence. Next week, for example, we’re prioritizing resume critiques by hosting a 3-day event called “Resumania.”  At the event, we will sit down with students one-on-one to review their current resume and offer advice for how to make it most impactful for their career goals.   

What advice do you have for students considering HDS? 

Our advice for students considering HDS is to start thinking about your career path now. Think about your motivations for wanting to come to HDS. What courses interest you? What types of vocations are you drawn to? Conducting informational interviews prior to starting your program will give you a head start on the discernment process.The sooner you start envisioning your path, the sooner you’ll get clarity on what’s next in your career journey and how HDS factors into your vision. (Editor’s Note: To schedule an informational interview with an Office of Admissions Graduate Assistant, please email admissions@hds.harvard.edu.) 

What are some other resources for current HDS students and graduates? 

The Office of Career Services provides a range of resources from online tools to live programming and career panels during the semester. We offer events like Resumania and CV Mania, Roundtable Sessions with alumni to discuss their career paths, opportunities to meet with career advisors to discuss career discernment, and mock interviews to help students prepare for job or academic interviews. 

We are particularly proud of our Alumni Career Stories and Advice Video Library. The library hosts video clips from over 150 alumni sharing career advice and highlights of their career paths prior to and after HDS.   

Once you’ve graduated, the Office of Career Services is still here for you. HDS alums have continued access to online resources and appointments to support you on your lifetime career journey. 

Should you decide Harvard Divinity School is the place for you, we would look forward to working with you on achieving your career aspirations. 

Editor’s Note: If you’d like to hear about current students’ experiences with the career center, or you have questions about how HDS could fit with your career goals, feel free to email us at ask_students@hds.harvard.edu. 

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