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Post by: Mikaela Allen, MTS 2019, HDS Office of Admissions Graduate Assistant 

Spring campus

Photo by Kristie Welsh, HDS Office of Communications.  

Hi everyone! The period between January and March is one of the busiest times in the Admissions Office and we thought that it might be interesting and helpful to share with you the sorts of things we will be busy doing, how to schedule a visit, and also introduce our annual Open House for Admitted Students.

At this the time, our Admissions officers are processing your applications, verifying every document, and preparing them for the Admissions Committee. This process involves highly detailed and time intensive work, meaning that our Admissions officers (from the Assistant Director to the Director) will be very busy with current applicants and will have less time for prospective applicants interested in applying next season. If you are a prospective applicant interested in applying for the 2019-2020 application cycle (the application will be available in September 2019), the ideal time to visit is in the fall when the Admissions team can give you our undivided attention.

If this isn’t possible, you are more than welcome to visit us in the spring to take a tour with an Admissions Graduate Assistant, visit classes, and attend Community Tea or Noon Service, but it is unlikely that there would be time to schedule an appointment with an Admissions officer like the Assistant or Associate Director. Please be aware that the Calendar of Admissions Events and Opportunities will not be fully updated until mid-February when schedules for the spring semester are finalized. If you are visiting the Cambridge or Boston area before these are finalized and will not have another opportunity to visit, please feel free to reach out to our office. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience until we have fully updated our calendar.

We Graduate Assistants will also be working hard to answer any last questions you may have about the application. We will serve as the first line of communication to ease the pressure on our colleagues who are processing your applications. As in other times of the year, we will also lead your tours if you are able to give us a visit. Along with these tasks, we will assist on projects and events such as the Open House for Admitted Students, and work closely with Admissions staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly while you await the release of decisions in mid-March. And of course, while doing all of this, we will continue to publish on the blog and answer any questions you may have.

I’d also like to take some time to talk about Open House, one of the more exciting events that we will be working on. Applicants who are admitted to HDS in mid-March will receive an invitation to our annual Open House for Admitted Students. This special event will take place in April and all admitted students are welcome to attend. You can sit in on classes, attend panels about housing and student life, eat meals with your prospective cohort, and attend events in the Harvard area. It is a fantastic way to imagine yourself here at HDS, and while comparable to Theological Education Day, a totally unique experience because your questions about HDS have likely changed from application mode to decision mode.

This is my second year working in the Admissions Office, and looking back, I can tell you that seeing your faces on campus either on Admitted Students day or at the start of a new school year is one of the most rewarding aspects of this job. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!