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Post by: Jarred Hamilton, Master of Theological Studies (MTS), Women, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion; Graduate Assistant, HDS Office of Admissions.

Hi everyone! My name is Jarred Hamilton and I am the new Graduate Assistant for the summer in the Office of Admissions. I am originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and I majored in English and Art History at UNC Charlotte. I am going into my 2nd year of the MTS degree studying a combination of sexuality and medieval forms of sanctity in the high and late middle ages.


In order to do medieval scholarship, Latin is essential. This summer I am completing the Readings in Christian Latin course in the Summer Language Program (SLP). SLP is an extremely intensive course in which we cover nearly a year’s worth of material in eight weeks, so if you see me on campus this summer, you’re more than likely to see me with some index cards of Latin vocab in my hand. I am also preparing to serve, with my colleagues, on the Harvard Divinity School Student Association (HDSSA) for the 2018-2019 academic school year as Academics Chair. So far, it’s been a busy summer!

In an effort to take productive breaks from studying Latin, working at the Office of Admissions has been a highlight of my summer thus far. One of the best features of working in the Admissions office is the chance to speak with prospective students. When I was applying to graduate school and trying to decide where to go, I loved talking to the students for various reasons. For one, students usually give their honest opinions and secondly, because I wanted to gain a sense of the community and if I could belong. With each student I talked to, I got the sense that many of my classmates would not only be future colleagues but also lifelong friends.  When I give tours or talk to prospective students, I hope students gain that sense of community that I was searching for nearly two years ago.

Also, I had the wonderful chance to participate in the Diversity and Explorations program which allowed me to meet future classmates before any of us were admitted. I’ve even kept in touch with those students who decided on other institutions. DivEx was amazing because I not only had the chance to meet future students, but I had the chance to establish a network with scholars all over the country. By the way, the DivEx application is online now so if you are currently in an undergraduate program or just graduated, definitely look into applying!

Third-year students, whom I met nearly two years ago have become so influential in my life. They have pushed me academically in the classroom, they’ve inspired me, and they’ve encouraged me when there were so many papers to write and pages to read. In my interactions with prospective and, hopefully, incoming students, I hope to also be that “mentor” of sorts as the third-years are for me.

Even though I am busy doing Latin and working at the Office of Admission, I hope to also travel a bit up and down the Massachusetts coast, visiting Plymouth, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Salem, and hopefully, Provincetown.

If you are looking into HDS and want to talk to a current student, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you!