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Robin in Harvard Yard. Photo credit to Pepples G.

Hello everyone! My name is Robin El Kady and I am an international student from Berlin, Germany. I am currently doing a dual Master’s degree at both the Divinity School at Harvard University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. The dual-degree program has offered me a unique and incredible opportunity to juxtapose the different fields I am interested in, namely: international relations (with a focus on public international law and conflict resolution) and the interrelationships among religion, ethics and politics.


As far as the application process is concerned, during my first semester at Harvard I had the luck that a friend of mine told me about the opportunity to pursue a dual degree with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; I was instantly excited. She had applied to both Harvard and Tufts at the same time. I, however, had started at Harvard without having applied to Tufts. Luckily, like me, you can apply to a dual degree during your first year at the Divinity School.

Besides studying two academic disciplines, my dual degree has allowed me to meet people with different mindsets and has exposed me to contrasting sensibilities. Both of my schools have different academic approaches, highlight contrasting elements during classroom discussions, and require other ways of thinking. The social realm of the schools and the individual time spent with my classmates and friends has been just as enriching as my academic experience.


Robin at the Fletcher School holding the flag of Germany. Photo credit to Pepples G.

It can be a bit challenging to coordinate all of the classes at both HDS and Tufts, since I must fulfill all of the requirements at both universities, but the Registrar Office at HDS has been extremely helpful with the organization of my dual-degree.  With their help, I have had a very positive experience organizing and managing my dual degree. I have had to spend three semesters at Harvard and three semesters at Tufts. Since both Harvard and Tufts require their graduate students to study for four full semesters in order to complete their programs, I have to transfer one semester of classes taken at Tufts to Harvard and the other way around.

After a total of three years, I will have received two Master’s. As a dual-degree candidate, navigating contrasting academic environments, investigating different issues, and being exposed to a plethora of diverse mindsets has taught me to contemplate the world through multiple lenses. It has been such a challenging and enriching experience. I highly recommend exploring the option to pursue a dual-degree.


Robin at the Fletcher School. Photo Credit to Pepples G.

Robin El Kady
Harvard Divinity School
Master of Theological Studies Candidate, 2018
Concentration: Religion, Ethics, Politics

Tufts School of Law and Diplomacy
Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate, 2018
Concentration: Public International Law and International Mediation/Conflict Resolution

For more information on the dual degree program at HDS and the steps you can take to apply, please see the HDS Admissions website here.