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The Cambridge Common at night. Photo by Chris Alburger

The Cambridge Common at night. Photo by Chris Alburger

Having spent past five years of my life in New York City, I was a little worried about moving to Boston. I was worried that my lifestyle in this new city would be without the abundant options in food, shopping, and entertainment that NYC offers. However, since moving to Massachusetts in fall last year, I have found to my delight that I was wrong about the Boston area.

I currently live in Somerville, go to school in Cambridge, and work in Boston. The Boston area is a large metropolis where you can get all kinds of city amenities without being trapped in a concrete jungle. Although Cambridge is a great city for biking, public transportation is extremely accessible and convenient. Somerville is filled with beautiful parks and walkways that give it a cozy country vibe but if you take the T down to Newbury Street you can experience full-fledged city life.

Boston is also very close to many beautiful getaways, at a distance of an hour or two. Walden Pond in fall, summer in Cape Cod and Maine, a quick trip to Rhode Island, the Boston area offers lots of fun options for the weekends.

But what I mostly love about the Boston area is the culture. Most people commute on bikes, they take out recycling, there are adorable small businesses, numerous farmer’s markets in different locations every day of the week, and options for farm shares, co-ops, and organic vegetarian eateries. As an environmentally conscious person, I have been pleasantly surprised by Boston’s green culture.