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Mosaic. Photo by Katelynn Carver

Mosaic. Photo by Katelynn Carver

To be honest, when I came to HDS for admitted students day I was looking for excuses not to come here.  I had just graduated from Emory and received a job offer to stay there and work.  I was afraid to leave my comfort zone filled with friends, relationships, and work.  But I knew I couldn’t just turn down Harvard without a good reason, so I decided to come to the Admitted Students Day and find a reason why HDS was not for me.  The quickest way to do that, I realized, was to discover that there was no real community here and, thus, it was not a place where I could be successful.

I came to the Open House for Admitted Students and found the opposite of what I was looking for: I met a student with the Harvard logo shaved into his hair, another guy who told me about the HDS Ultimate Frisbee team “Veritoss,” the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and the director of the library (who proceeded to send me an email after the event). The students that I met loved this place, the staff were engaging, and the faculty were phenomenal.  What I found was furthest from what I was looking for: instead of finding that HDS has no community, I realized it has a remarkable one.

Now in my second semester here, I’m glad to say that this community I found during Admitted Students Day was not artificial.  Between Community Tea, Noon Service, Frisbee games, and just hanging out with friends, the HDS community is a wonderful thing.  If you are like me and are worried that this place doesn’t have the community for you, come check it out.  With our numerous clubs and organizations, wonderful staff working in student services, and diverse student body, HDS offers a community that is for everyone. Join us for Community Tea or Noon Service, meet current students, and find out what makes the community such a special place.