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Stained glass window in Andover Hall. Photo by Katelynn Carver

Stained glass window in Andover Hall. Photo by Katelynn Carver

Me: Hi, I’m Kevin McIntosh. I’m a first year MTS student studying American Religious History with a focus on pop culture. I’m from Atlanta (or Florida or Maryland depending on the day).

Random Person (RP): Oh, so you want to get a PhD in religion and teach it?

Me: No, I’m actually planning on going into student affairs.  You know, help plan programs and events for a college campus.

RP: So why are you in divinity school again?

In my time at HDS I’ve had this conversation, or forms of it, numerous times.  Whether it’s with fellow classmates, friends who don’t really get why I’m here, or professors, it’s been an interesting experience finding the right “stump speech.”

I came to HDS because I loved studying religion, and I loved the diversity of the curriculum.  I decided that there was space here for me to gain the skills I needed for my future job as well as to learn more about a subject that has fascinated me since high school.  When I researched the requirements for the degree I saw how flexible it was.  When I talked to current students, they reaffirmed this notion that it is as flexible as it seems.

I am an HDS student, captivated by religion and how it impacts every part of American life, but my true passion is in education and working with students. And that is okay.

The MTS cohort is a diverse bunch.  MTS  students go on to get other professional degrees (at med school, law school, etc.), enter higher education administration (residence hall directors, admissions reps, etc.),  teach secondary school (elementary through high school), or go on to get their PhD in religion. People have so many different interests and vocational goals. That is one of the things that makes this place special. Lunch conversations become more engaging because your peers are coming not only from different academic backgrounds, but also have different future plans.

The MTS degree is what you make it. If you are interested in how an MTS would benefit you in your career search, talk to our amazing Career Services to see if any of our alumni have established a career in your desired field or learn how to articulate the value of an MTS degree in your field of interest.